Kendo Battle

Litigation can be a powerful dispute resolution tool.  If wielded strategically and decisively, litigation can achieve your goals in resolving disputes where all else has failed.  If used without proper care and planning, however, a law suit can end up costing you more than the dispute that caused you to seek legal counsel in the first place.  Jason applies a client-centered approach to litigating cases, focused on finding the most effective and efficient means to attaining his clients' ultimate objectives. 

Horst Legal Counsel has a decade of experience successfully representing clients in matters ranging from boundary line quarrels, to contract disputes, to multi-billion dollar commercial litigations.  Representative matters include:

  • Coverage litigation against insurers to recover policy benefits, monitor representation being provided by insurer-retained defense counsel in litigation;

  • Represented insurance carrier in asbestos bankruptcy trial regarding whether federal law preempts insurers’ state law-based contribution rights;

  • Successfully defending trustees in suit alleging failures to disclose material facts in sale of East Bay mansion, including a substantial award of attorney's fees;

  • Successfully defending real estate investors accused of failing to perform under an alleged oral loan agreement with co-investors;

  • Successfully defending homeowners association against suit by member challenging election results;

  • Representing purchaser of San Francisco apartment building in litigation arising out of mismanaged real estate transaction;

  • Defending owner of unit in an industrial park common interest development against unreasonable noise complaints;

  • Represented founders of a technology company in bringing suit against attorneys who purported to represent them in forming the company, then destroyed the company’s value by attempting to obtain more stock in the company for themselves;

  • Secured additional year of tenancy for client sued in an involved residential unlawful detainer action;

  • Represented various national retailers in lease disputes regarding issues including presence of anchor tenants, use of common spaces, and indemnification;

  • Represented national disabilities rights organization in filing amicus curiae brief to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals as part of a successful effort to overturn a lower court’s ruling and establish favorable Circuit precedent.